Omaha, Nebraska to receive gigabit internet from CenturyLink

While Google is expanding its Fiber internet service to Austin, Texas and Provo, Utah, that doesn't mean other cities can't join in on the fun. Omaha, Nebraska is getting its own gigabit internet without the help from Google, thanks to internet service provider CenturyLink, who will be updating its current fiber optics platform to provide higher speeds.

The company says that its faster fiber-optics internet service should begin rolling out to a select number of markets in Omaha next week, with availability to almost 50,000 of its customers to arrive by October of this year. This makes Omaha the fifth city in the US to receive gigabit internet, with Kansas City being the first.

The latest city to receive Google Fiber will be Provo, Utah, which was just announced last month, as was the announcement that Google's gigabit internet would be coming to Austin, Texas. Even certain locations in Vermont will be getting fiber-based internet (not provided by Google Fiber, though). Based on this trend, we should see more cities crop up to challenge other cities for the fastest internet.

However, ISPs in these areas aren't too happy about the deal that Google is getting with its Fiber service, and they're fighting back with comparable services of their own. For example, AT&T announced that it would offer gigabit internet in Austin alongside Google Fiber. The war is officially on, and for once it's not taking place in a court room.