Olympus patent surfaces for Glass-like wearable

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 5, 2014
Olympus patent surfaces for Glass-like wearable

Olympus is jumping feet-first into the wearable game, with a patent surfacing showing a pair of smartglasses very similar to Google’s own Glass. There are subtle differences — a longer display, at least in illustration form, is one. The basic premise, however, is the same.

Interestingly enough, it seems Olympus will be taking its smartglasses one step further, with one illustration in particular showing off dual-displays — that is, one miniature display over each eye piece. The illustrations are part of a short patent application, and so little actual details are available.


According to the patent abstract, the Olympus smartglasses will feature a camera (quite obviously), as well as “temple parts” (ear pieces) with at least one of them harboring an electric component. There’s specific mention of captured images being “transmitted from the front part to the temple-side electrical/electronic part.”

Anything beside that is entirely unknown at this point. Given Olympus’s core business in the photography market, it is logical to assume the wearable will offer photography-centric abilities as core features, though, again, all is speculation at this point.

VIA: DPreview

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