OLPC reviewer: ‘There’s a lot to like’

Chris Davies - Jan 17, 2008, 5:19pm CST

With all the boardroom shuffling, accusations of conflicted interest and mysterious OS rumors, it’s easy to forget that the OLPC project is actually producing working laptops.  In fact, the XO-1 went on sale last November, as part of a “Give One, Get One” scheme in which North American buyers purchased two of the devices, one for themselves and the other to be donated to needy children.  Reg Hardware’s Brian Hurley pre-ordered an XO-1 and had it delivered a few weeks ago, and has put together an impressively comprehensive review of the bright green device the makers would have us believe can change the world.



Is it any good?  Brian comes away generally impressed, citing the OLPC’s ease of use, long battery life and great screen as ample reasons to like it.  However, it’s not all good news: multimedia and internet browsing get a tongue-lashing. 

If you’ve considered the XO-1 for you or your kids, it’s well worth reading the whole review.

OLPC XO Hands-On [Reg Hardware]

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