OLPC gets $5.6m Marvell grant; XO-3 tablet not due until 2012

Chris Davies - Oct 4, 2010, 7:21am CDT
OLPC gets $5.6m Marvell grant; XO-3 tablet not due until 2012

Marvell and the OLPC project have already announced they plan to work together on the upcoming XO-3 slate, and now money is changing hands too.  OLPC founder Nicholas Negroponte has apparently confirmed to Xconomy that Marvell has pledged a $5.6m grant in return for using their chips in the new tablet.

“Their money is a grant to the OLPC Foundation to develop a tablet or tablets based on their chip.  They’re going to put the whole system on a chip.  [Marvell have] been sponsors all along, but they were one of ten. Now they are the technology partner.” Nicholas Negroponte

However, while Marvell’s chips will be found inside the XO-3, that slate won’t be what the two companies bring along to CES 2011.  Instead, the first model will lack OLPC branding and instead be targeted at first-world markets, being based on the Marvell Moby platform and running Android.

It will be developed with OEMs and a partner in education, and is expected to go on sale sometime in 2011.  The OLPC XO-3, meanwhile, will follow on in 2012 according to Negroponte.

[via The Digital Reader]

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