OLO Computer iPhone-integrated netbook concept looks unlikely

One of the regular concepts we see over at iPhoneBuzz is Apple slotting the iPhone 3G into the palm-rest of a MacBook and making it serve double-duty as connectivity and multitouch trackpad.  When it's attributed to Apple it's pretty laughable; when a third-party claims to be doing it, as is the case with OLO Computer, you fall off the scale into hilariously unlikely.

OLO Computer's concept is a netbook (with strikingly MacBook Air-style design) into which you drop your iPhone 3G whereupon it grants internet access and control.  It's unclear whether OLO envisage the iPhone powering everything – which would make the OS X screenshot on the mock-up's display a little confusing, as that's not the OS the iPhone runs – or if it would be a standalone device with its own software.

The inevitable comparisons are being made to the ill-fated Palm Foleo and the recently-price-scythed Celio RedFly; the former didn't make it out of the prototype stage, while the latter has required a 60-percent price cut (to just $199) in order to sell.  Of course, with specs, pricing, proof-of-concept (and just about everything else we'd like to see) missing from the OLO website, color us sceptical.

Remember, Apple could launch their own low-cost MacBook at the special event tomorrow morning.  Join SlashGear at 10am PST, October 14th, for the full live blog: http://Live.SlashGear.com/!

[via iTWire]