OLLOCLIP gives your iPhone 4S an enhanced lens

Chris Burns - Nov 1, 2011
OLLOCLIP gives your iPhone 4S an enhanced lens

There’s an invention out there, ladies and gentlemen, one called OLLOCLIP, one made for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that will not only add one single amazing lens to your onboard camera, it’ll add three. Over at BiteMyApple they’ve got this clip which will give you iPhone owners no less than a Fisheye lens, a Wide-Angle lens, and a Macro lens, all of them in one simple little clip. Make your iPhone-only online album all the more awesome for less than seventy bucks!

This is one of those projects that was once a Kickstarter sort of situation, where before it had enough cash to get started, the designer headed to the world forum to get money from people who wanted to see the design become a reality. As it stands, this project has 1,300 backers with a total of $68,201 raised, so you know good and well that people thought the idea rocked. What’s going on right now is that the design rests with BiteMyApple where they’re currently in the process of getting more OLLOCLIPS shipped in from the manufacturer.

The three lenses start with the Fisheye – in this lens you’ve got an approximately 180 Degree field-of-view that’ll have your aquatic friends wishing they could breath without gills so they could see the results of the photos taken with the lens inspired by their own eyes. Next there’s the Wide-Angle lens which lets you see double the field of view that the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S can see – pump up the visual volume! Finally there’s the Macro lens which is a 10X multiplier that lets you get inside 12-15mm of your subject with clarity.

The Fisheye and the Wide-Angle lens sit on opposite sides of the OLLOCLIP while the Macro lens is concealed within the clip, able to be used once you unscrew the Wide-Angle lens that is normally attached to it. To switch between either the Wide or the Maco lens and the Fisheye, you’ve only to flip the entire clip around to the other side. Simple as can be!

This little monster can be found over at BiteMyApple for $67.99, and again, at the time this post is made, they’re currently awaiting a new shipment so they can sell them to YOU!

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