OLED grows up, flaunts eco cred for domestic lighting

No, it's not Art Lebedev's latest Optimus keyboard, one huge OLED key that you can map to a single program or document, it's actually GE Global Research's prototype lighting.  Now it may not sound as exciting as a keyboard that can change key legends in the blink of an eye, but you might be surprised to hear that it has the potential for far more impact on our lives.


Check out the video footage after the cut...

Everyone knows that traditional tungsten lighting is rubbish – it uses too much power, it's inefficient, the lifespan is short and the colour of the light produced is more yellow than pure white – but energy efficient bulbs have their drawbacks too.  Cost is one thing, they're dimmer and take longer to "warm up"... they're also a simple replacement, they don't really bring anything cool to the table.

OLED could change all that.  If GE have their way then our future could be illuminated by flexible panels of high-intensity, efficient pure white light.  Or pure blue, red or green light, since OLED can be engineered to change colour, too.  They started off with a 1-inch square and have managed to work up to a 2-foot square panel.

They're now looking at ways to make production more cost-effective.  I'm sure you'll all join me in wishing them luck with that, and maybe stroking their hair.

GE Global Research [via technabob]