OLED display tech reaches 21-inches. Um, is that all?

On the one hand, OLED seems to be gaining traction in the small-display market, gracing cellphones, DAPs and other portable gadgets where its low-power requirements make it a great alternative for traditional TFT LCD screens.  On the other, the promised day of low-cost, ultra-thin OLED TVs and computer monitors has yet to arrive; Toshiba Matsushita's latest attempt to wow us, this 20.8-inch slab of over-bezelled screen, doesn't exactly fill me with hope.


Perhaps I'm being unfair; it's apparently very difficult to make the low-temperature polysilicon layers, and the levels of contrast and reduced smearing achieved are meant to be superb.  Still, WXGA 1280 by 768 resolution isn't going to win any awards in the grand scheme of things (outside of the "World's Largest OLED display" one Toshiba Matsushita are boasting).

The screen will be on show come 11th April and is unlikely to reach stores.

Press Release [translated] [via Gizmodo]