OKDoor turns Google Glass into a virtual gatekeeper

Google Glass could put your receptionist out of a job, one company has suggested, with new Glassware called "OKDoor" putting remote control of your doors on the wearable. The handiwork of Brivo Labs, OKDoor basically pipes video from a security camera to the headset, and then allows an electronic lock to be be triggered with just a tap on the touchpad.

OKDoor hooks into Brivo Labs' existing SAM – Social Access Management – API, which promises a more flexible way of dealing with security given the evolving ways we now use communal spaces. For instance, SAM allows for contextual access, like allowing through certain people only at certain times, as well as remote control via smartphones and other devices.

Those devices, in turn, become virtual keys in their own right, with SAM turning any smartphone into an authenticator.

Glass simply hooks into all of that, with the fact that someone is more likely to be wearing it at any point in time making it a more immediate way to control real-time access.

Of course, you don't need a full SAM setup in order to achieve this on your own. If you've already got Glass and are willing to do some tinkering with automation system IFTTT, you could piece together your own alternative.

IFTTT has channels for Glass and SmartThings, for instance, the latter being compatible with various off-the-shelf remote-control locks from Kwikset and Schlage. Together with a WiFi webcam to send photos or video to Glass when someone approaches the door – or even something like the DoorBot we played with back in October – you could rig up a system where a message sent from Glass could trigger an IFTTT recipe that caused the lock to be opened.

VIA Tim Moore