Official Pokemon Pokedex launches for iOS in USA for hands-on action

Ever since the miniature touchscreen became a normal object for the public to have in their pocket, it's been the hope and dream of every Pokemon lover to have a Pokedex for their very own – today Nintendo made it a reality. Though we've had quite a few knock-off versions of the one true Pokedex from the Pokemon video game for smart devices galore before, it's not been until today that the official Pokemon crew has brought on the real deal to iOS – and what a beast it is! But don't think for a second that such a greatness will be free – on the contrary!

The initial Pokedex app will cost you $1.99 USD – this gets you what's called the "Unova Pokedex" listing of pocket monsters number 494 through 647. After that, you'll have to pay an additional amount for each of the other regions. We're less than excited about the cost, mind you – and in a rare move that we rarely, very rarely make, we're going to go ahead and suggest that you skip the full purchase here.

If you absolutely, positively must have the full Pokemon collection on this official app, feel free to pay the $5.99 USD (really, for real) for each additional region. That includes the original 001 through 151 with all of your favorites like Pokachu and Mew. If you're a big fan of the original series, you'll be paying nearly $8 USD for it – not the best deal on the market. If you do want to check out this Official Pokedex you'll want to see "The Pokemon Company" developer page – searching for Pokedex without the correct "e" will get you only the 3rd party creations.

For those of you looking for an alternative, there's more than enough out there that are absolutely free and ready for your download – they might have ads if they're free, but they've got all the information you need if you're really, really hunting Pokemon out there in the wild. Also if you're looking for a perfect Pokemon alternative while you wait for the real deal to come to iOS (possibly never), you'll want to check out GeoSociety – it's a winner!