Official Nexus 7 2013 case appears in Google Play

Fear not, you completists hoping to work with only Google-made accessories for your Google-made Nexus devices: the 2013 Nexus 7 now has an official flap case. This case goes by the simple name Nexus 7 Case (2013) and features a "custom-molded" body to fit the newest edition of the Nexus 7, working with a "microsuede" cover and built-in stand abilities.

This case is appearing in a total of four colors – Black, White/Red, Gray/Blue, and Gray/Red. These colors each work with their own unique look and/or feel, and each costs the same as the other. For a cool $49.99, each of these covers will be appearing today – if not immediately – and will be available online only (for the time being). This case also works with a lovely little "Google flag", as they call it, "as a little salute to perfect fits."

This case does not appear to be working with a magnetic shut-off feature, nor does it do any super fancy origami folding tricks into triangles, but it's certainly going to fit your new Nexus 7. Google makes certain you're getting the right case as well by suggesting that you look to the back of your Nexus 7 to spot the camera. If there's no camera, you've got the 2012 edition – and this case wont fit.

Have a peek at our recent Nexus 7 bits and pieces in the archive through our timeline below. Let us know if you've gotten this device a case already, or if you've waited this long just for Google to bring on the case themselves. Was the flag worth the weeks of veritable anguish in anticipation?