Official iPhone 5c cases "fixed" with CaseCollage filler

If you've had your hands on the official Apple-made iPhone 5c cases with a real-deal iPhone 5c, you may have noticed an oddity on the backside – the word iPhone is covered up here and there by the uniform design of the case's grid of holes. This grid presents a bit of an oddity in Apple design as each part generally compliments the other – and thus steps forward the developers at Lunar Lincoln to save the day. They've created an app by the name of CaseCollage to make everything more than just OK – they've made the case a thing to behold by filling up all the holes with photos, symbols, colors, or otherwise entertaining bits and pieces of visual greatness.

This solution is an app, nothing more. What you'll need in addition to CaseCollage is a printer, some paper, and of course an iPhone 5c and an official Apple-made iPhone 5c case. CaseCollage does the deed for you – no more "pon" on the back of your phone, instead filling it up with a selection of images of your choice. Once you've created the collage of your choice, you can save the image and print it at your leisure.

Above you'll see a simple demo of this app in action. The app itself is out in the wild today, coming up for free. This is an exercise in two things, the first being a set of developers solving a problem with a very, very simple solution – the most noble thing a developer can do. The second thing happening here is LunarLincoln promoting itself with a lovely inroad – have a peek at their other wares while you're at it.

As for the iPhone 5c, you'll have the opportunity to get up close and personal with it at basically any Apple store in the country right this minute. There've been very few signs of selling out for any color, and SlashGear's full iPhone 5c review has some rather nice things to say about the machine as well. Have a peek and let us know what you think!