Official Google Phone supposedly spotted again: launch "a certainty"

After the last batch of "Official Google Phone" rumors, now comes Gizmodo with a source of their own to quote.  That unnamed source claims to have seen the device themselves, describing it as "Google-branded hardware running a version of Android we haven't yet seen".  As for that hitherto clandestine OS build, not only was it spotted running on a smartphone but on a laptop as well, and the source is convinced they weren't looking at Google Chrome OS.

Details on the Google Phone itself remain scant, aside from it having a large LCD; however the source was apparently "offhandedly" told that existing examples of Android – such as handsets on the market right now – are not the "real" Android.  No explanation – Gizmodo reckon it's Android and Google Voice in perfect harmony – but prototypes are expected to gather at Google headquarters over the next few weeks ahead of any official launch.