Official Android Designer Toy Line Expanded by God of Wealth, Reviewed by Android Community

Android has become a big enough platform that they've got an official toy line. When you've got a toy line and an OS under the same brand, you know what you do? You send those toys into outer space with a Nexus S. Then since the brand is a global brand, you make an Asia exclusive Chinese New Year toy and you extend the power of your brand by an exponential amount.

Our good pals at Android Community got their claws on one of those Asia-only toys and they've done a fabulous review of it. Not only is this toy super high quality and nicely printed, it's super cute as well. A cardboard box with gloss print ink, two pieces of thin plastic casing, and six points of articulation later, you've got yourself a lovely little desk warmer.

Unboxing Video with Yours Truly:

[vms e6fe298e607fe7cc0e1a]

Take a peek at the full review on Android Community.