OfficeSuite for Android free today in Amazon Appstore

Get your documents all in order today on the Amazon Appstore with OfficeSuite Professional 5, an Office editing app that's normally $15, completely for free. As you may or may not know, the Amazon Appstore is a place where you can pick up apps on your Android device, this app store completely separate from the official Google version, that being called the Android Marketplace. If you'll take a look at your humble narrator's original Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore, it will all become abundantly clear. Today the Amazon Appstore is giving away no less than your one-stop shop for everything Office.

To get this app, you'll first have to download the Amazon Appstore. All this consists of is dropping your email in the box in the upper left of Amazon's Online Appstore, waiting for a confirmation email in your inbox, and clicking the link inside that email. Your download then will contain the appstore itself, and inside you'll find not only a full-range of lovely applications including the only ad-free Android versions of Angry Birds, but OfficeSuite Pro 5, an app that'll normally cost your three $5 bills, completely free today.

The Amazon Appstore is set to gain some vast popularity this holiday season as the Kindle Fire will rely solely on it for app purchases. In that Amazon used its own appstore instead of working with Google to gain their favor for the Android Market, Amazon freed themselves from adding the rest of the Google suite of apps as well, creating a whole new monster based on the Android system architecture. Have a look at the Kindle Fire, download the Amazon Appstore, and see for yourself why Amazon is set to make bank this coming holiday season.

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