Office for iPad denied by Microsoft

This morning's report that an image of Office on the iPad was a precursor to a full app release has been denied in kind by Microsoft. The company has said that not only was the report that the app would be coming in just weeks untrue, but the idea that they are actually in the process of creating Office for iOS may well be untrue entirely. Of course this app would be one of the most hotly downloaded document editors on the iTunes App Store if it were released, so we must assume that Microsoft is simply putting a greater effort into releasing a final version eventually.

The other point that has to be made here is that Windows 8 will be coming out this year in full force, and in that the Office suite remains one of Microsoft's biggest profit generators and drives to Windows for years and years, the group may want to keep it to itself for now. Think of how enticing a Windows 8 tablet would be with Office on it right out of the box? A Microsoft spokesperson spoke to the effect of no iPad release here:

"The Daily story is based on inaccurate rumors and speculation. We have no further comment." – Microsoft

It was The Daily that broke the story and The Daily that Microsoft is referring to here. There's no doubt that Office may come to the iPad and iOS as a whole sometime in the future, but for not – Windows keeps it. You can of course grab Office for OS X for your desktop right this moment as well – but mobile remains silent!

[via NYTimes]