OCZ Colossus 1TB SSD: 265MB/s super-drive

Storage may not be as glossy or as exciting as a new netbook, MID or Smartbook, and as such we didn't see as much hard-drive coverage from Computex as we did mobile devices; still, that doesn't mean there wasn't some deuced impressive hardware lurking at the show.  OCZ brought along their Colossus, a 3.5-inch SSD-based drive which boasts 1TB of capacity and sustained read/write speeds of 265MB/s.

It does that by using a RAID-0 setup inside, managed by a JMicron RAID controller and a pair of Indilinx controllers which each control the flash memory.  Unlike 2.5-inch drives, the Colossus isn't going to be much use for notebooks and small-form-factor PCs, but for performance computers it offers the speed of a solid-state drive with the capacity you'd typically rely on a traditional platter-based HDD for.

As ever, there's a catch, and that's unsurprisingly the price tag.  We're not entirely sure when the OCZ Colossus 1TB SSD will reach the market, but the company expect it to be priced between $2,500 and $3,000.  A cheaper (relatively speaking) 500GB version will also be offered.