Oculus Venues brings VR to live locations

This isn't the first time anyone's tried to use VR for a live event – but it might be the most important. This week the folks at Oculus revealed their intent to bring LIVE events to the Oculus Go and Gear VR. No word yet on if this bit of functionality will come to the most powerful of the bunch: Oculus Rift.

In the video you're about to see, you're gonna see what's up. This is the next generation in VR power. This is how VR goes mainstream... right? Please? It's certainly the latest way in which Oculus is attempting to bring VR mainstream, of that you can be sure. Have a peek below:

A number of events were scheduled in advance of the release of Oculus Venues. The first event will take place tonight, the first night of the day when the app part of this equation was first announced. It's absolute madness, it is. Almost as if they think everyone's going to download the app RIGHT away.

Above you'll see a set of events that'll be taking place throughout the summer. There'll be a lot of comedy events – probably the most obvious of the different events that make sense in this sort of format. Not like there's a lot of different angles at which one can experience stand-up.

There's also a set of movie showings. That's pretty neat. You'll be watching the movie at the same time as hundreds or thousands of different users around the world. Included in the mix are Reservoir Dogs, Apocalypse Now, and National Lampoon's Van Wilder. All the movies you watched before but had a hankering to see again.

Below you'll see a bit more on what Social VR is all about inside Oculus Venues. "We also have exciting content from SHOWTIME coming later this summer, plus more film screenings of Lionsgate titles, new concerts from AEG Presents, live NBA League Pass games and additional shows produced by NextVR, MLB games, and more," said an Oculus Team PR representative.

You can attain the app in the Oculus store for Oculus GO and Samsung Gear VR both right this minute. They're both out there, right now, right this minute! They're both free – for now.