Oculus Rift to come bundled with Lucky's Tale

The first major PC-based virtual reality headset Oculus Rift will be coming bundled in early 2016 with the game Lucky's Tale. This is just one of a number of games that'll be coming with the Oculus Rift right out of the box, included with the price of the device. The founder of the game studio that makes this game, incidentally, was one of the original $5,000 Kickstarter backers of Oculus back in the day.

Another game that'll be coming with the basic buy of the Oculus Rift is the game EVE: Valkyrie. This game comes from the popular space-based online game EVE Online. There users will be able to get behind the wheel, so to speak, of a spaceship that does battle in dogfights of all sorts, blasting their way through arrays of ships from tiny fighters to massive capitol classes.

Lucky's Tale is just about as different from EVE: Valkyrie as can be – while still remaining within the virtual reality space. In Lucky's Tale, users will be controlling a fox (Lucky) from a 3rd-person perspective, but with the ability to look all around (in a virtual reality space).

You'd be forgiven for seeing similarities to games like Banjo Kazooie, Donky Kong Jr, or even Sonic the Hedgehog – it comes from the same sort of greater universe. Here, though, you're invited inside.

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