Oculus Quest v30 adds microphone management and more

Earlier this week, we mentioned that the Oculus Quest 1 would gain support for the Air Link as part of the 30.0 update. That update is now rolling out to Oculus users, and the release notes detailing some of the key features for the update are available. One of the biggest enhancements in build 30.0 is a microphone management system.

With the new update applied, users will be able to swap the microphone between Party and game chat. Switching the mic is done via the universal menu and selecting Manage Voice. The ability to control the microphone is something that users have wanted for a long time. Another important feature is improved multitasking.

Users can multitask using multiple system-level 2D apps side-by-side in Oculus Home on Qwest 2 and Quest headsets. Supported apps include Explore, Store, Browser, Events, Oculus TV, Oculus Move, Scoreboards, and others. Users will need to go into the Experimental Features section of Settings and turn on Multitasking to enable the multitasking feature.

Version 3.0 also brings color correction, an accessibility feature allowing users to adjust how colors are displayed on the headset. Using Color Filters requires users to go into Settings, select Accessibility, and enable Color Correction. Users will then be able to set filters and adjust the filter intensity to customize how colors are shown.

Raise View allows the user to raise and adjust their view, giving them a standing vantage point while they are physically seated. This is great for those with mobility issues and a welcome update. Raise View is an experiment feature requiring users to go into the Experimental Features section of Settings and turn on the Boost your height feature. As we mentioned previously, another big feature of the 30.0 update is that the Quest 1 headset also gains Oculus Air Link support. That is an experimental feature, again in the Experimental Features section of Settings.