Oculus Quest 2 update ads 90Hz refresh, Move tracking

The next software update for Oculus Quest ads some features for both Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. For Oculus Quest 2, specifically, this update will add native support for 90Hz refresh rate "across the entire platform. The display system in the VR headset was able to support 90Hz before, but it was relegated to a few key bits of the ecosystem. Now that's gone broad.

Per the update release from Facebook, Oculus Quest 2 will support 90Hz refresh rate on a number of games in the very near future. Support will come soon to SUPERHOT, Echo VR, Beat Saber, Vacation Simulator, Space Pirate Trainer, Racket: Nx, and Job Simulator. Default 90Hz support is activated on all Quest 2 system software. Individual game and app support will need to be shipped by each title's developer.

Oculus Link was released from beta. This means that Oculus Quest 2 will be able to work with PC VR games with relative ease, with support for a set of new features not entirely available in the beta. That includes the ability to toggle between refresh rates – 72Hz, 80Hz, and 90Hz "right from the Oculus PC App."

Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 will have access to Oculus Move, a "system-level fitness tracker" that'll track how long you use your VR headset. Facebook official calls Oculus Move: "A new system-level fitness tracker for Quest and Quest 2, so people can track how many estimated calories they've burned and how long they've been active in VR across any app."

The Oculus Move system will be "rolling out gradually starting next week." That means it'll start appearing on the 16th of November, 2020, or later.

This latest update paves the way for Oculus Store "app gifting", too. Later this month, users will be able to purchase games or experiences in the Oculus Store and "send them to a friend." To receive said gift, your friend will need to be on the Oculus Store platform with a compatible Oculus headset.