Octa iPad TabletTail Whale Kit Review

This week we're taking on one of the strangest accessories in the history of mobile devices, the iPad-friendly TabletTail Whale Kit. This accessory comes in two pieces: one of them bubble you see connected to the back of the tablet, the other being the adjustable WhaleTail. You pump the plunger to the tablet and connect the tail and you're ready to go – in as oddball a fashion as you could ever have hoped for.

While you can use the bubble bit here separate from the tail, there's absolutely no good reason why you wouldn't want the awesomeness of the WhaleTail to go with this setup. Connect the tail once and you're good to go forever. The whole kit connects to your iPad quite easily, but you're also able to connect it to any flat surface (nearly any flat surface, of course, metal works best) to experience a suction that just cannot be beat. Once the tail is connected, you'll have many, many options for how you can prop up your iPad for all manner of activities.

There's more than one way you can use the tail as well – you can connect it to your wall then pull the tail upwards so your tablet can rest kindly at eye level! You can also keep the tablet balanced on your knee while you do acrobatics on your other three appendages! The tail itself will sit at essentially any angle as your tablet stands up nicely for your usage.

The whole kit will cost you $49.99 and the folks at Octa guarantee that it'll work with any model iPad as well as most tablets, e-readers, and even netbooks too – if you're feeling strange, of course. Your kit will have the Vacuum Dock, WhaleTail, Dome cap (for when you don't want to be whaling, so to speak), Pouch that doubles as a screen cloth, and Instructions – just in case. Check it out over at Octa.com right this second!