Ocho app released: a tiny video social network

There's a brand new warrior app out today released to do battle with the likes of Vine, Instagram, and maybe even Twitter itself. This is Ocho, a social networking app that allows you to record and share 8-second videos with your friends. This app is free for iOS users – that's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus included – and it has backing from some of the most powerful funders in the industry – Mark Cuban and Matthew Brimer included. This app was made for iPhone first and foremost – 16:9 aspect ratio recording made to fill up your whole screen.

This app is exclusive to iPhone at the moment. The creators of this app have not yet said whether or not they'll be expanding to other platforms.

This app works with voice-overs for your videos. It allows you to trim and edit videos. It allows you to take time-lapse videos. It allows you to do everything basically every other media social networking app is able to do, but inside a simpler user interface.

Ocho does not allow text comments, and connects between users with #Hashtags, @mentions, and shares through other social networks. You can share to Twitter, Facebook, Email – or essentially any other place that your iPhone can connect to.

At this time Ocho does not embed in blogs – you'll have to actually head to the Ocho website to see any and all full Ocho videos. The same is true of Twitter – Ocho doesn't host on Twitter, just links.

Below you'll see a Vimeo video showing you how super large an amount of fun you'll have playing with Ocho.

Again, Ocho is free. The creators of this app will more than likely eventually monetize it by creating sponsored posts like you see on the sidebar of Tumblr or in-between the posts from people you follow like on Twitter. That's not confirmed, but no one company runs on funding rounds alone forever.

For now it's all fun and games – play around with it, and find us too! Ocho is on the iTunes app store right this minute.