Obscura Digital VisionAire 3D multitouch hologram

Chris Davies - Aug 5, 2008

Obscura Digital, who specialise in interactive media, have released a video demonstrating their new VisionAire “multitouch” projection system.  The company themselves admit that it’s not exactly true multitouch, since there’s actually no contact involved; in fact, you gesture around in mid-air to control different windows and other objects.  Multiple people can use the system at the same time.

Check out the video demo of VisionAire after the cut

There isn’t much in the way of technical details; the Obscura blog describes it as “our standard multi-touch framework [integrated] with the Musion system we have in house”.  Musion are a company that produces a high-definition freeform 3D holograph on a live stage.

No word on whether this system will be made commercially available.

You can click over to YouTube to watch the high-quality version.

[via UltraMobile PC Tips]

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