Objet Geometries Connex RP dual-material 3D printer gets video demo

Over at Core77 they've an undeniable soft-spot for 3D Printers – rapid prototyping hardware that can churn out a tangible, physical design from a CAD file or two – and so Objet Geometries new model is probably driving them into a frothing foam of glee.  The Connex RP machine is capable of manipulating two materials simultaneously: the Halo-esque soldier model below, and the complex suspension system were both assembled by the same machine in a single pass.Video demo after the cut

Now the models have been painted in order to get them to the stage you see here, but the Connex RP machine was capable of mixing together two different materials to make the rubber tires on the suspension system, the partially-flexible springs and the solid chassis.  That's simply mind-boggling.

Objet Geometries reckon the 3D Printers will be useful for not only prototype manufacturer but actual end-use parts, with flexible hinges, water-tight seals and shock-absorbtion.  No word on how much one will cost you, but we're putting our necks out and saying "a lot".