Obama Signs Another iPad in Europe

What a strange sort of occurrence – only the second time it's happened in the history of the world – the President of the United States of America signs a signature with his finger. A man at the Lisbon Summit 2010 was standing in a hallway with his iPad and offered it up to the President of the United States as he walked by. Mister Obama said "Ah, Sign my iPad, I've done this once before [therefor I am an instant pro at it, and will therefor do it like a boss]." Then he rocks it like he's been signing iPads since before he was born. Does a signature count on a document if it's signed with only one finger?

Take a look at the video below and remember to hang a left back to the first iPad signing back a few weeks ago: Sylvester Cann Captures President Barack Obama in an iPad. Think they'll get him to sign a Notion Ink Adam?

[Via Belgium iPhone]