O2 UK getting Palm Pre Plus & Pixi Plus in April 2010?

Could Palm's attempt to reinvigorate their dreary financial performance include adding the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus to their O2 line-up?  That's the rumor over at Tracy & Matt, who have received an anonymous tip claiming that the two devices will arrive in April 2010.  O2 have already been offering the GSM version of the Palm Pre for some months now, but so far the Pixi – which has a smaller display and candybar form-factor – is yet to make an appearance outside of the US.

The Pixi Plus gets 8GB of storage and WiFi (unlike the original Pixi, which lacked WiFi), while the Pre Plus has 16GB of storage and double the RAM of its predecessor.  Frankly, while anonymous tips can always be discounted as make-believe, it seems particularly likely that Palm will attempt to turn around their fortunes in the short-term with broader device availability, while simultaneously developing their next generation of hardware.