NZXT stops the sale of H1 PC chassis due to fire risk

One of the larger manufacturers who make computer cases for enthusiasts and gaming computers is NZXT. Recently, the company announced it was stopping sales of its H1 mini-ITX PC case again. Sales of the same computer chassis were stopped in the past for the same risk of fire.The problem with the H1 is the lack of clearance between the case's 12-volt power and a nearby screw that would be a fire hazard if contact was made. NZXT says that it will offer a new PCIe riser assembly to current owners to address the root cause of the fire risk. Previously, the company had used nylon screws to mitigate the fire risk. Recently, company CEO Johnny Hou admitted that the new nylon screws didn't completely address the issue's root cause.

Hou says NZXT failed to address scenarios where someone could unknowingly replace the nylon screws with metal ones. The executive said the execution didn't live up to the quality the community expects from the manufacturer. The case was removed from the NZXT Store and NZXT BLD.

Hou said that the company will be sending out a redesigned PCIe Gen3 Riser Assembly for current H1 cases and that the company would help with installation for those who need it. He also promised the company is instituting more robust and thorough design processes. Quality will be the primary goal from the initial design to QA and additional testing.

Another complaint about the initial fix with nylon screws was that NZXT was slow to fill orders. There was also fear that the nylon screws will be replaced with metal screws because the nylon offerings looked like placeholders. There is no indication given in a blog post posted to the NZXT website for how long it will take before the redesigned PCIe risers might be sent out to owners.