NYT Debunks iPhone Nano Rumors, Concepts Continue To Surface

The New York Times has just reported that the iPhone nano rumors are false, contrary to what Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal reported last week of a possible iPhone nano for under $200 without contract. However, it's unlikely that reports either direction will stop creative iPhone enthusiasts from churning out more amusing concepts for a nano version as shown below.

The NYT article says that Apple is focused on the iPhone 5, which will be of similar size to the iPhone 4 and that making multiple sizes of the iPhone is not feasible in terms of efficient development and integration. They also say that Apple plans to improve voice command features and will roll out a free version of MobileMe more versatile than the paid version to allow customers to sync across all iOS devices.

Nonetheless, pictured above is yet another iPhone nano concept called the iPhone 4K that features a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. The K stands for keyboard and the overall look is based on the previous generation iPod nano. The designer, Long-Nong Huang, specs the design with a 3.2-inch Retina display, 800x400 resolution, 800Mhz CPU, and a 5MP camera.

[Via Unwired View]