Nyko Zoom for Kinect up for pre-order at Amazon and more

Shane McGlaun - Aug 4, 2011, 8:50am CDT
Nyko Zoom for Kinect up for pre-order at Amazon and more

If you are a big fan of the Xbox 360 and you have a Kinect sensor you want to use but don’t have the space to play with it the Zoom for Kinect made by Nyko may be the answer you need. I have talked about this lens accessory a few times now and it is a very simple and cool way to reduce the room you need to use the Kinect with accuracy. I know I need one of these for my house because the Kinect never works in the room we play it in because of the small space available.

The last time I talked about the Zoom was when the official launch date of August 23 was announced by Nyko. Today Nyko has announced that the Zoom for Kinect is now up for pre-order on Amazon and at other retailers. The Zoom will sell for $29.99 on Amazon and it is sold directly by Amazon. Once you get the Zoom installed you will see up to a 40% reduction in the distance you need to stand from the Kinect for it to work.

The Zoom will support one or two players and easily clips onto the Kinect. It needs no drivers or tuning to work. You just install the clip on device and start playing. This is a very nice product for people with smaller spaces wanting accuracy from the Kinect.

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