Nyko Zoom for Kinect to launch August 23

About a month ago, I mentioned the interesting Nyko Zoom for Kinect accessory that had debuted. The device is a special clip on lens accessory for the Kinect that greatly reduces the amount of room you need in your space to play Kinect games. I know that in the room where the Kinect was in our house we didn't have enough space to use it with accuracy so we just never used it.

With the Zoom Nyko promises to reduce the space needed to use the Kinect from about 8-feet to about 4-feet. I know that 4-feet of free and clear space is much easier to come by in my house so this is a very welcome accessory. The cool part is that Nyko will sell the Zoom for Kinect for $29.99 making it a bargain. Nyko has offered up the official release date for the device as August 23.

Other cool things about the Zoom for Kinect include that it needs no power to operate. It simply clips onto the Kinect and covers the lenses Microsoft built into the device. I would bet that with many people having issues with enough space to play the Kinect as it comes out of the box Microsoft is at work on a solution that will reduce the amount of space needed to use the Kinect in the future.

[via Yahoo News]