Nyko Zoom play range reduction lens for Kinect is great for smaller rooms

Last Christmas my kids really wanted to get the Kinect for the Xbox 360 and that Kinectimals game. I realized right away that the way the room was arranged where we kept the gaming system there wasn't enough room for us to get back far enough from the TV for the Kinect to work ideally without rearranging furniture. That meant the Kinect wasn't very accurate and just didn't work so it has sat unused all these months.

Nyko is the company that makes all sorts of accessories for gaming systems. This is the company that makes the battery case to extend the life of the Nintendo 3DS that we talked about before. The Zoom for the Kinect reduces the play range for the Kinect software by up to 40% allowing the Kinect to function in small rooms closer to your TV. This is exactly what I needed for the Kinect to work.

The Zoom Play Range Reduction Lens is a device that slips over the lens of the Kinect accessory and clips into place to keep it right where it needs to be as the Kinect moves. No software or calibration is needed. The Zoom will allow two players to play as well and will work with all Kinect games according to Nyko. The Zoom for Kinect sells for $29.99.