NVIDIA VP criticises Intel GPU policy: unfair to entry-level users [Video]

NVIDIA haven't been shy in fighting their chipset corner when it comes to Intel's refusal to license the technology to support Nehalem-series processors in their range, and it seems they're now stepping up the assault.  Senior NVIDIA VP Daniel Vivoli has gone on record saying that entry-level consumers shouldn't be "denied the ability" by Intel to use NVIDIA's lower-range GPUs.

Video interview after the cut

Vivoli points to tasks like photo editing, especially new graphics-intensive tasks like face recognition to intelligently sort images, as common tasks that would benefit from a dedicated NVIDIA GPU.  "Those activities are much more efficient on a GPU and appeal to the mainstream user" he explains, "If you buy a low-end PC, you shouldn't be denied the ability to do those things efficiently."

As well as critiquing Intel's stance, Vivoli also takes the opportunity to play down the performance of Intel's GPUs.  "It turns out most of the video on the Web runs on Flash," the executive claims, "which runs way more efficiently on a GPU than a CPU and way more efficiently on an NVIDIA GPU than an Intel GPU."

[via Expreview and via CNET]