NVIDIA TegraZone breaks 5 million download mark

If you're pumped up about the multi-core Android smartphone experience with NVIDIA, you'll be pumped up to hear that they've broken the 5+ million downloads – and that rising star is still shooting upward! If you've got an NVIDIA-powered Android device and don't have the TegraZone app on your device, you've got to grab it instantly! What the TegraZone offers up is not just a simple place to grab Android apps galore, but a great guide for you to see what's possible on your high-powered machine.

The statistic being reported today suggests that the actual app – the guide – has been downloaded and installed on millions of devices across the earth. What you're doing with this application if you have it already is exploring the NVIDIA-optimized universe. If you're part of that 5 million download mark, you're already deep inside the most dedicated gaming environment on the market today!

No other processor group has done exactly what NVIDIA has with their TegraZone initiative. Developers regularly team up with NVIDIA to optimize their games for their next-generation processors starting with the Tegra 2 – dual-core, and now working with the Tegra 3 as well – quad-core processing power with an extra core for low-powered tasks and standby computing for battery preservation.

Have a peek at our NVIDIA TegraZone category here on SlashGear that'll give you everything you need to keep up with NVIDIA and their Tegra gaming universe – and keep that download number rising with a TegraZone download today!