NVIDIA Tegra 2 is inside some Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones

NVIDIA has confirmed that its slick and powerful Tegra 2 SoC will be crammed inside of some of the Samsung Galaxy S II smartphones. You might have seen the video we posted up a while back of the smartphone when we got to spend a bit of hands on time with the thing. I wonder if the unit we played with was a Tegra 2 device or if it has the other processor option.

The other option inside the smartphone is for Samsung's own Exynos SoC. Oddly, there will be no way for the end user to know what chip is inside the device at the point of purchase. That is a very strange decision. I know I would rather have the Tegra 2 version if I were buying the smartphone.

ITProPortal reckons the reason for the dual platform offering is that Samsung simply can't make enough of the Exynos processors to fill the demand for the phones so it has contracted with NVIDIA to fill in. I wonder if users will notice performance differences between the two versions of the smartphone.

[via Android Community]