NVIDIA rumored to exit chipset business

NVIDIA are preparing to pull out of the motherboard business, according to a report by DigiTimes.  Citing "sources close to the situation", it's claimed that NVIDIA called a meeting with manufacturing partners earlier this week to examine what degree of support their ongoing chipset development would receive; the partners' response was apparently poor enough to prompt the company to cut its losses.

Manufacturers have already cancelled upcoming products based on the high-end NVIDIA nForce-7 series chipset, and many have apparently decided not to include the company's nForce 200 chip (BR04) on their motherboards.  The chip enables SLI technology on Intel X58 motherboards, and without it multi-GPU support for NVIDIA video cards would have to be done through licencing rival Intel and/or AMD chips.

Staff currently employed on chipset projects will, it is predicted, be transfered to NVIDIA's GPU team.  We're currently looking for a comment by the company themselves, and will update if and when we hear anything.