NVIDIA promises RTX 3080 Founders Edition restock for next week

By this point, many PC gaming enthusiasts have noticed that there's a severe lack of GeForce RTX 3080 cards out there. The GPUs launched earlier this week to a lot of excitement and seemingly sold out everywhere immediately. This includes on NVIDIA's website, where it offers Founders Editions of its new graphics cards. In fact, once the 3080 launched, NVIDIA's stock sold out so fast that many of those who were signed up for email notifications never even had a chance.

If you're one of the many who missed the chance to buy directly from NVIDIA, you'll probably like to know that we now have indication of when these cards will be back in stock. Over on the NVIDIA subreddit, an NIVIDA forums representative said that the company will have more in stock next week, though we imagine those will sell out with similar speed as well.

"I can't comment for our partners but we will have more cards next week," the representative said. "Users who previously signed up to be notified but did not get a chance to place an order will receive an email when the store has been updated with additional GeForce RTX 3080 graphics cards."

READ MORE: NVIDIA RTX 3080 reviewIn a follow-up comment, that same representative said there won't be a restock today or this weekend, so you don't have to spend the weekend obsessively watching NVIDIA's website just to have a chance at buying a 3080. Of course, one small problem with this statement is that it doesn't give us a precise time or date that 3080s will be back in stock, so those who have signed up for email notifications will probably want to watch their inboxes as we head into next week.

There's a lot of concern that bots are snatching up a large number of GPUs before regular consumers have any chance to buy. As NVIDIA works out a solution that issue, the company has started to manually review orders from earlier this week. While we wait for NVIDIA itself to restock, the company says that retailers across the country are receiving new cards every day, but it seems nabbing a card that way requires just as much luck. We'll let you know when NVIDIA announces more, so stay tuned.