NVIDIA Project SHIELD Demoes High-Powered Android Game Real Boxing

We saw NVIDIA's Project SHIELD for the first time back at CES 2013 early last month, where we got our hands on the device. The Tegra 4-sporting device combines the best of Android, large displays, PC gaming, and NVIDIA's processor. Today the company released a demo of the device running Vivid Game's Real Boxing, a game built to take advantage of its powerhouse hardware.

Real Boxing has been built from the ground up specifically to take advantage of the Shield's quad-core Tegra 4 processor and 72-core GeForce GPU. According to NVIDIA, users get higher poly count and animations, true depth of field, and enhanced textures. The game is played out in career mode, with several different boxers to choose from. You can check out the game play in the video below.

There are a total of 20 opponents to fight against, each one of them designed with their own fighting styles, strengths, and weakness. The boxers were modeled after real boxers to give the game realistic movements. The character gamers choose can be customized via mini games that earn points and take the gamer through various bought of training, such as heavy bag work and speed bag sessions.

This is the first of weekly Android Thursday demos, which complement its PC Monday videos, which started earlier this month. On February 4, we saw Borderlands 2 demoed on the device via live streaming from a PC over an ordinary wifi network as the first of its Project SHIELD PC Mondays video series.

[via NVIDIA]