NVIDIA Kal-El Quad-Core Chipset Launch Dates Debated

SoC manufacturer NVIDIA announced back in February that they'd be releasing their next-level chipset somewhere inside the year 2011. This quad-core processor was and still is code named Project Kal-El and promises to take the power of their current dual-core chipset Tegra 2 and x5 the power. What's being debated today is the release date of said project on tablets and handsets, it being inside Q3 2011, that being September 30th, inside August, or some third date – all of this being through third-party sources.

What publishers at Fudzilla are calling their "Far East sources" are saying is that NIVIDA's original statement that August would be the time for quad-core tablets and the holiday season of 2011 would be the time for quad-core super phones is premature, saying that "this won't happen and that it will launch at later date, probably when it gets colder in the northern hemisphere." Further sources are noting that Kal-El definitely will be coming inside Q3, again Fudzilla saying this means September 30th, this of course meaning we'll see a quad-core chipset coming out from NVIDIA before the holiday season of this year.

The latest word direct from NVIDIA is thus:

"Project Kal-El-powered tablets are coming this Fall, and phones around the CES 2012 timeframe."

In the demo we were presented with this year at Mobile World Congress 2011, we got to see an early version of the quad-core chip decoding a video stream with 1440p resolution; roughly double the resolution of 1080p and outputting video at 2560×1440 to a computer monitor set at a monstrous 2560×1600. This demo continued with a game that has yet to be named running at 20 FPS on a Tegra 2 and 50-55 FPS on the Kal-El. Videos were allowed during the demo of Great Battles: Medieval, a game now available through War Drum Studios. Have a look at the demo here:

[vms 96320eb3afdd4df6e1f6]

Any way you look at it, we're more than likely going to see this awesome piece of hardware running some next-level devices by the end of the year. Can't wait!

[via Fudzilla]