NVIDIA GTX Titan Z (2x Titan Black) hits the market

The final entry into the high-end Kepler lineup, here some the NVIDIA GeFOrce GTX Titan Z. Ready for market in a number of configurations over the next few months, the GTX Titan Z will first be appearing with a $2,999 price point (expected). This device will be triple slot, work with 2 x 6GB VRAM, and will have a cool set of 2 x 2880 Stream processors.

This machine comes with a 700mhz base clock speed with 870 boost, 12 GB of 7 Gbps video memory, and 5,760 CUDA Cores. You'll also find a 12 phase power supply with dynamic power balancing, full speed double precision support, and 2 x GK110 GTX TITAN Black GPUs.

This graphics card is made for the highest of high-end gaming machines. You're not going to go out and pick this up on a whim just because you want to play Watch Dogs.

This is the sort of card you pick up if you've got a 3840 x 2160 pixel display – or multiple 3840 x 2160 displays, for that matter. If you've got a gaming tower so tall you need to have an abnormally sized desk, this card may be for you. You'll find it at the highest-powered NVIDIA-friendly card-makers starting this week.