NVIDIA GRID revealed to change cloud gaming forever

This week NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsung Huang spoke at CES 2013 about the potential of the gaming industry, making it clear that the cloud was the next great place for that industry to go. With that, he revealed NVIDIA GRID. The beast you're seeing in the images below works with 20 GRID servers per rack, 240 NVIDIA GPUs, working at 200TFLOPS, this equaling approximately 700 Xbox 360s.

This machine is what NVIDIA calls "revolutionary cloud-gaming architecture", and they proved it with a television connected to an Ethernet cord alone. This television was an LG Smart TV connected to the cloud, allowing the user to render graphics completely in the cloud. This allows you, in the near future, to play full graphics games via the internet from anywhere.

Streaming gaming, with NVIDIA's system shown this week, will be able to be as impressive visually and in-use as your console or PC connected at home. This was also revealed in an NVIDIA Tegra 3-packing ASUS Transformer Prime. This tablet works with an NVIDIA GRID app that connects to the cloud.

With this system, essentially any device, not just a smart TV or a PC, will be able to play full-feature, full-graphics games in the cloud. What we've seen here is being presented by NVIDIA as the next generation in gaming and, from what we've seen, truly appears to be prepared to change the way we play games from top to bottom.

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