NVIDIA GPU Over-Heat Problem Affecting All Chips, Notebook & Desktop

Things are not looking too hot for NVIDIA.  Or, more accurately, they're looking far too hot; the hardware fault that the company claimed was affecting "certain versions" of their previous-gen notebook graphics chips (and which wiped $200m from their Q2 revenues) is now strongly rumored to be affecting all G84 and G86 parts in both mobile and desktop configurations. 

The issue is with the heat-affected properties of the so-far unnamed substrate or bumping material used in the chips manufacture.  In notebooks, the system goes through far more heat cycles than desktops do in the same time period, hence it being the portable versions of the graphics cards that are failing first.  However, this leaves desktop owners potentially facing similar failures only likely outside of their warranty period.

NVIDIA are still refusing to discuss the issue with press, but analysts have been told that only HP have received parts using the affected chips.  However engineers have suggested that NVIDIA is highly unlikely to have developed an entirely different (and faulty) assembly process or material set for one specific manufacturer, and as such any machine using the chip family is likely to be affected.  Customers have already reported similar problems in Dell and ASUS notebooks.