NVIDIA GeForce 310 entry-level GPU arrives

While everyone else was eating turkey and growing increasingly frustrated with their loved-ones, NVIDIA decided to quietly set their latest GPU free.  The NVIDIA GeForce 310 is the first GPU in the company's 300-series line-up, and replaces the existing GeForce 210 as an entry-level chipset for undemanding users hoping to replace integrated graphics in their machines.

That given, expectations for the GeForce 310 aren't especially high.  Still, there are a fair few good reasons why you should consider it: the 589MHz processor is paired with 512MB of 500MHz DDR2 memory, and there are DisplayPort, DVI and VGA ports with the first two easily converted to HDMI with a simple adapter.  An internal input means you can also inject audio into the HDMI signal.

Altogether it's enough for hardware accelerated 1080p High Definition video, together with being used as a CPU offset either with NVIDIA's own CUDA and PhysX systems or more generic alternatives like DirectCompute and OpenCL.  No word on pricing as yet, nor availability.

[via Electronista]