NVIDIA Drive PX 2 revealed [Video Demo with Drive CX]

Chris Burns - Jan 4, 2016, 8:41pm CST
NVIDIA Drive PX 2 revealed [Video Demo with Drive CX]

NVIDIA reveals that their plans at CES 2016 are to reveal the full gamut on smart vehicle computing, starting with NVIDIA Drive PX 2. This is the next edition of the NVIDIA Drive PX in-car computer the company revealed last year. This device is a liquid-cooled version of the machine, this time coming with 12 CPU cores, a Pascal GPU, and the power of 150 MacBook Pros – that’s what they say. That’s what we’ll see implemented over the next year and beyond.

This system is made to accelerate the path to using deep learning for accurate self-driving cars. Before we get there, NVIDIA is bringing this system to the forefront in a system that’s “in a case the size of a school lunchbox.” Huge computational powers, all jammed into a box that’s very, very small. Now if only we could get this to run Crysis.

• 12 CPU Cores
• Pascal GPU
• 24 DL TOPS
• 16nm FF
• 250W
• Liquid Cooled

The NVIDIA Drive PX 2 is what NVIDIA calls the “World’s First AI Supercomputer for Self-Driving Cars.”

“Our vision is to make it finally possible, for us, to make a self-driving car,” said Jen-Hsun Huang, co-founder and CEO, NVIDIA. “Now there are many ways in which you can think about a self-driving car. From a technology perspective, its utterly amazing.”

“Autonomous cars will bring increased safety, new convenient mobility services and even beautiful urban designs — providing a powerful force for a better future.”

The DRIVE PX 2 development engine will be available later this year – likely in the fourth quarter of 2016. Early access development partners will be able to get access in the second quarter of this year.

Above you’ll see a brief demonstration of this system working with NVIDIA’s in-car UI, DRIVE CX, as captured CES 2016.

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