NVIDIA denies low Fermi yields

Shane McGlaun - Apr 28, 2010
NVIDIA denies low Fermi yields

Rumors and reports have been running rampant that the yields on Fermi GPUs from NVIDIA are bad. Some analysts have gone so far as to claim that the poor yields will cost NVIDIA market share. So far NVIDIA has been mum on the reports.

NVIDIA has now come out and officially denied that yields are in the 20% and under range for the Fermi GPUs. The denial comes from the lips of NVIDIA’s Drew Henry, general manager for MCP business at NVIDIA.

Henry also states in the interview with Digitimes that NVIDIA will offer GPUs with 512 cores in the future. There have been questions and speculation surrounding why big green has no 512 shader cards. Henry also states that more GeForce 400 cards will be added to the line over the next few months.

[via Semiaccurate]

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