NVIDIA Chips in the Newest MacBook Pro Contain Bad Bump Material

The Inquirer has published the result of their investigation regarding the new 15-inch MacBook Pro that may inherit faulty NVIDIA graphic chip. This report suggests that the "black screen of death" during gaming usage could be related to the faulty chips in the MacBook Pro.

The Inquirer purchased a unit of the new MacBook Pro off-the-shelf as soon as they went on sale. Their investigation takes place in a small lab where they disassemble the MacBook Pro, and cut the NVIDIA chip into half for analysis. The Inquirer found "bad bump" and believe that the same defective material are still being used on the NVIDIA chip in the new MacBook Pro.

The faulty NVIDIA GPU problem was first reported in July and many users felt dissatisfied with NVIDIA 's unwillingness to provide solution to end-user for this problem. NVIDIA has admitted to the faulty manufacturing of its chip on some MacBook Pros, but claimed that the issue has been resolved.