NVIDIA agrees to settlement for defective GPU

You may remember back in 08 and 09 there were a number of cases when the NVIDIA GPU inside of certain notebooks failed causing the machines to perform poorly and in some cases stop working altogether. One of the major brands affected was Sony among others. NVIDIA has now set up a website for owners of the affected machines to take part in a settlement that has been reached with users in a class action.

NVIDIA points out that the settlement is not an admission of wrongdoing. Big Green also states that it has mounted numerous defenses against the accusations that its products have failed. What exactly class members get depends on the machine they purchased.

Buyers of Dell or Apple notebooks will get a replacement GPU. Those who bought affected HP notebooks will get new notebooks of similar value. A payment of $2,000 may be provided to buyers of certain models with a faulty GPU or MCP if the user attempted to have the machine repaired and the exact amount of the payment will depend on n the number of claims received.