NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a motorcycle helmet heads-up display

Brittany A. Roston - Dec 23, 2013, 8:38pm CST
NUVIZ Ride:HUD is a motorcycle helmet heads-up display

We’ve seen a variety of HUD technologies on the automotive front, but the area is a bit lacking when it comes to motorcycles and other motor bikes. To remedy this, APX Labs in Washington DC and HOLOEYE Systems in San Diego joined forces to make the joint venture NUVIZ. Through NUVIZ, the two companies have presented Ride:HUD, a head-up display integrated in a motorcycle helmet that is being funded through Kickstarter.

This is said to be the first-ever HUD for motorcycle helmets, which is retrofittable into your own equipment by attaching to the chin bar. There’s LCOS micro-display as part of the unit, which is used in conjunction with a “transparent combiner surface” and is the only part the wearer sees while wearing the helmet. The data displayed through the HUD is visible to the driver in the bottom right corner of their field of view, making it both visible and out of the way.

A visor isn’t necessary when using the HUD, and there’s a quick release mechanism for those who need to get it off. In the works are kits for both motocross and adventure helmets, as well. Data is sent to the unit from the accompanying app, which is obviously run on one’s own smartphone. The software includes data on things like music, racing, calls, and weather.

For now, this nifty HUD project for motorcyclists is sitting at nearly two-thirds of its funding goal, with $111,636 of its $185,000 target having been raised. Presently, the project sits at 311 backers with 13 days in the campaign remaining. The barrier for entry is low, with the minimum pledge sitting at $1 and $5 being the lowest to get some sort of recognition for your contribution and $479 being the lowest get one of the actual NUVIZ Ride:HUD units.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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