nurian X40 e-dictionary is wannabe MacBook Air

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, then Apple must be one of the most flattered company's to date.  Latest to "borrow" some of the Cupertino industrial design is Korean firm Hanuribiz, whose nurian X40 may only be an electronic dictionary and part-time PMP, but does it all in a slick little MacBook Air suit.

Inside the wannabe-unibody casing there's a thirteen-language dictionary with native-speaker voices, together with audio/video playback and a text and image viewer.  Once you've learned a few new words you can tune in the FM radio and be thoroughly confused by all the local music, too; Hanuribiz throw in a voice recorder too.

The Hanuribiz nurian X40 electronic dictionary will be available in Korea come early March.  It's expected to cost between 300,000 KRW and 400,000 KRW ($202 to $269); don't hold your breath for a launch in the US or Europe.

[via AVING]