NSA list of spied-on U.S. Citizens to be revealed soon

Glenn Greenwald has a collection of files he'd like to share with the public. As one of the reporters to first have a peek at and chronicle the documents shared by Edward Snowden, Greenwald isn't exactly one of the NSA's best friends at this point. He'll certainly not be gaining any points of positivity once he releases a list of names of citizens illegally spied on by the NSA.

It is the specific targets of the NSA's spying efforts that Greenwald suggests he's collected. He's suggested that the questions surrounding these targets are as follows: "are they political critics and dissidents and activists, are they genuinely people we'd regard as terrorists?"

"The reality is," he suggested this week at a press conference, "the disclosures we have made have been quite damaging to the reputations and the credibility of American officials who have been lying to the public and building this massive surveillance system in secret for all of these years. But it hasn't in any way harmed any legitimate interest of us as American citizens – simply through an act of conscience and convictions, [Edward Snowden] literally changed the world."

Greenwald went on to suggest that he has no apologies for writing a book – his book "No Place to Hide" – and that he's seeking as wide a platform as possible to get the word out to the public about what surveillance means to the world. He also suggested that he was thrilled Sony Pictures purchased the rights to the movie based on the book.

Stay tuned as Greenwald publishes his list and continues his work via The Intercept, a publication he started after he left his job at The Guardian earlier this year.

VIA: Washington Times